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OS45069021 Exhaust Pipe Set OS45069021 Exhaust Pipe Set

FS-40, FS-40M, FS-60, FS-60M, FS-61M

USD Price: $19.90
40 Amp Brushless Speed Controller 3A BEC for 2-3 Lipo 40 Amp Brushless Speed Controller 3A BEC for 2-3 Lipo

Constant current 30A Max 40A <10s
Li-Poly 2-3 cells; Ni-MH 4-10 cells Auto Detect
Break On/Off;
Auto Low battery Slow down at 3.0V/cell Lipo, cut-off at 2.9V/cell

USD Price: $19.99
Saito SAI120S20A Front Bearing Saito SAI120S20A Front Bearing

L, M, FF, N, O, CC, GG, BB, OO, PP, KK, VV, AD, AE, AG, AH, AR, BA, AZ, BI, BK

USD Price: $21.99
Model Diesel Fuel Model Diesel Fuel

Model Diesel Fuel

Since 1975, we have been producing a high quality model diesel fuel called Diesel Power. No need to be a home chemist, just fill your tank and you’re ready to go. A complete line of specially formulated blends are designed to optimize performance when running your sport aircraft, giant scale plane, helicopter, boat, car or truck. Use Diesel Power for high performance, easy starting, and better idle.

Diesel Power is conveniently packaged in quart-sized metal cans to insure a long shelf life. Because of the very high economy of the diesel, a quart will easily satisfy an extended day of flying at the field or less pit stops at the track. It is available in two blends, standard ABC formula for ABC and larger ringed engines and our 1/2A formula for small engines up to .10 cu. in., antique and foreign engines which require higher oil content.

Diesel Power is produced in the U.S. employing only the finest American chemicals available. The lubricant package consists of a combination of castor and synthetic oils so that we have the best of both worlds by having the castor do the heavy duty work and the synthetic keeping everything clean.

Both fuel blends are available through us directly. We can only ship fuels within the U.S. For our customers outside the U.S., we will gladly provide a fuel formula as always. You can also get our ABC blend from Tower Hobbies or your local hobby store through their Great Planes distributor.

USD Price: $24.99