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Skywing RC 85" Edge540-F (Gray Yellow ) 50-60CC 2.1M
Skywing RC 85" Edge540-F (Gray Yellow ) 50-60CC 2.1M

Price: CAD$1,399.98

Stock Status:2

Item Number: SKW85EDGE540FY



1. Advancedconstruction for today's demanding pilots

2. PATENTEDquick assembly canopy, wings and elevator systems EXCLUSIVE to Skywing

3. Fastassembly time with pre-hinged and pre-sealed ailerons and elevators

4. Factoryassembled detailed canopy interior

5. Removablerudder with single pin assembly

6. Incrediblevalue NOW WITH MATCHING SPINNER, fuel tank, fuel line, fuel and vent dot, wingand stab bags, as well as preinstalled high quality extensions.

7. cowl prefabricated cooling baffle
Match skywing's latest development orange connection device! Quick connect wings and elevator servo connections are possible!

9. Accessories include an engine servo extension cable!


Wingspan翼展); 85 in./2159mm
Lenqth机身长); 83 in./2104mm
Wing Area翼面积 ;1339.2 sq in/86.4dm²
Weight飞行重量); 16.1 lbs/7.3kg

Packaging Size/ Weight



1. 50-60cc Gas Engine*1

2. Carbon Propeller (24x8, 24x9, )*1

3. Digital High Speed Throttle Servo*1

4. Digital High Torque Metal Gear Servos (38kg or above)*5

5. Arms - tapped for 3mm hardware (Ailerons/1.5"*2pcs, elevator/1.75"*2pcs,rudder dual servo arm/3.25"*1pcs )

Test device(工厂测试设备):

【engine 发动机】:DLE65

【Servos 伺服】:MJ4509hv*5 Throttle油门(MJ2108hv*1)

【Propellor 桨】:24*9

【power supply 电源】:2S-3300mah*1

【servo arm 摇臂】:Elevator 升降=1.75"*2 Aileron 副翼=1.5"*2 Rudder 方向=3.25"(dual servo arm 中置双向 *1)

Product details photo(产品细节图)

Appreciation of static pictures(静态图片欣赏)

Color scheme;
Edge540-D(Gray Green )

Reference cover color number(Oracover: white-10, Royal28-042,/skywing Customized;Metal gray-sw-04)

Edge540-F(Gray yellow )

Reference cover color number(Oracover: white-10, cub yellow-30 ,/skywing Customized;Metal gray-sw-04)

20230815 QB

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