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Skywing RC PNP 67" Laser260-D V3 (white/yellow/blue ) 90E 1.7M
Skywing RC PNP 67" Laser260-D V3 (white/yellow/blue ) 90E 1.7M

Price: CAD$1,599.98

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Available in 2 different color schemes:

67"Laser260-C (white/red/pirate blue)

67"Laser260-D (white/yellow/pirate blue)

skywing PNP New Mode
1. Install the elevator
2. Install the rudder
3. Install the landing gear
4. Install the receiver
5. Install the battery
6. Basic flight parameter setting

Just a few simple steps above, you can easily fly!
The entire power configuration has been carefully selected! Powerful power output!

1. The default output voltage of ESC is 7.4V, and the voltage output of 6.0-8.4V can also be set!
2. The ESC and motor factory have been set to the best state for you, no need to do any programming, you just need to do quick throttle calibration!
3. The power connector has been welded XT90
4. Professional assembly team from the factory! The most reasonable installation method!
5.Featuring Skywing's PATENTED rapid assembly wing design and easy servo connections

(Note: This product does not contain batteries. This product is recommended to use 6S 4500-5200mAh battery!)

Whole machine configuration(整机配置):

【Motor 电机1】:skywing/dualsky GA2000R-KV450
【Motor 电机2】:skywing&sunnysky X6215-KV420
【ESC 电调】:skywing/Hobbywing(platium V3) 100A/6.0-8.4V/10A
【Servos 伺服】:skywing/Theta SW989 *4 pcs
【Propellor 桨】:skywing/18*10Wood-Painted/2pcs
【Spinner 桨罩】:63mm

Packaging Size/ Weight(包装尺寸)


Shipping rate for Skywing RC PNP 67"
The following freight data is for reference only. freight may vary.
cad$260 FedEx (CA USA 20230811)
cad$230 FedEx (Missouri USA 20230809)

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