Tekno RC Sway Bar Kit for Revo (TKR1013) Traxxas 30° Caster Blocks Traxxas Differential CV Output Drive Kit (1) TRA5653 Traxxas Servo Horn Set (Non Traxxas Servos) TRA5545X Traxxas Steering Bellcrank Set


  • Truly Bolt-on installation – no mods required. No drilling through your rocker arms 🙂
  • Lots of tuning options – includes 3 sets of bars
  • Compact and lightweight – by far the cleanest looking sway bar solution
  • Inboard installation means the sway bars won’t be damaged from a backside impact and allows you to keep the rear bumper assembly intact.
  • Works with any chassis, any suspension arms (stock or aftermarket)Contents: (4) custom sway bar mounts, (2) 1.8mm sway bars, (2) 2.0mm sway bars, (2) 2.2mm sway bars, (4) 50mm turnbuckles, (8) plastic rod ends, (4) flanged pivot balls, (4) stabilizer pivot balls, (4) M3x40mm socket screws, (4) M3x25mm button screws, (2) M3x6mm
Tattu 1800mAh 11.1V 75C 3S1P Lipo Battery Pack Racing with XT60 plug Traxxas X-Maxx Left Lower Suspension Arm Traxxas Revo Engine Mount Assembly Losi LOSR2141 Pull Start Only: 3.4,8Lite OS 73003000 Recoil Starter Assembly no.5

Traxxas Heavy Duty Rear Driveshaft Assembly TRA6852X Traxxas Steering Drag Link (Jato) TRA5542 Traxxas Revo Shock Mounts TRA5317 Traxxas Fuel Tank Rebuild Kit (Jato) TRA5549 HPI73905 Main Chassis Aluminum 72.5mm Purple/NitroRush
Traxxas Revo Pivot Ball Caps TRA5378X HPIA465 Carbon Graphite Chassis RS4 MT Traxxas Revo Fuel Tank Cap O-Rings (2) TRA5362 Traxxas Inner Drive Cup Set (2) TRA5153R Traxxas Upper Control Arms TRA4332
Redcat TS1A-3 Pull start for the Sh .18 and .21 engines HPIA347 Gear Box Set Nitro RS4 MT Traxxas Steel Splined Driveshaft Rebuild Kit TRA6757 Traxxas Rear Stub Axle Carrier (1.5 Degree) TRA4352 Traxxas Rubber Diaphragms (4) TRA1765