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Baja ROD END SET, 85007 ( HPI85416 ) HB Racing 3x43mm Front Outer Hinge Pin (2) Hinge Pin Set D413, HBS112777 HPI 	102361 Rubber Strap (4)
HPI 104965 Super Heavy Duty Diff Shaft 25x48mm (2pcs) HPI 104966 Super Heavy Duty Drive Shaft 18x116mm (2pcs) HPI 104967 Super Heavy Duty Drive Axle 25x70mm (2pcs) HPI 15233 K4.6 One-Way Bearing
HPI 6.7mm Hex Wheel Adapters (2) (Orange) (Trophy Buggy/Truggy) HPI 85426 Differential Case Set HPI 85432 - SPUR GEAR 57T for Baja 5B 5T HPI 85469 Front Shock Mounting Set
HPI 86401 Turnbuckle 6x92mm (Aluminum/2pcs) HPI 86407 Ball 6.8x16mm (4pcs) HPI 86438 Shock Shaft 4x115mm (2pcs) HPI 86442 Shock Boots 20x70mm (4pcs)
HPI 86443 Shock Boots 20x80mm (4pcs) HPI 86449 Shock Shaft 8x115mm (2pcs) HPI 86470 Diff Shaft 22x48mm (2pcs) HPI 86479 Axle Boot 22x47mm (4pcs)
HPI 86483 Heavy Duty Drive Gear 19 Tooth HPI 86486 Drive Gear 20 Tooth HPI 86490 Clutch Bell HPI 86497 Heavy Duty Pinion Gear 17 Tooth
HPI 86490 Clutch Bell
USD Price: $39.99
HPI 86498 Heavy Duty Pinion Gear 18 Tooth HPI 86610 Heavy Duty Drive Shaft 15x120mm (SIlver/2pcs) HPI 86676 Screw Cap M4x6mm (2pcs) HPI 87455 Bevel Gear Set
HPI 87455 Bevel Gear Set
USD Price: $29.90
HPI 87563 Shock Repair Kit for VVC/HD Shock Set (127-187mm) HPI 87564 Shock Repair Kit for VVC/HD Shock Set 137-207mm) HPI 87566 WC/HD Shock Maintenance Set HPI Racing .21 Shaped Exhaust Gasket (2)
HPI Racing 1.65x10mm Axle Pin (10) HPI Racing 1.7x11mm Pin (10) HPI Racing 100950 Shock Shaft 3.5x90mm (4) HPI Racing 101020 Rear Pins of Lower Suspension
HPI Racing 101022 Rear Pins of Lower Suspension HPI Racing 101756 Front Suspension Holder 6061 Trophy Buggy (Orange) HPI Racing 102156 24mm Front Hex Hub (Gunmetal/2pcs) HPI Racing 102164 Spacer Set for Fuel Engine (Gunmetal)