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Hirobo 0301-001 XRB Upper Main Blade set A (4) Hirobo 0301-002 XRB Lower Main Blade B Set (4) Hirobo 0301-004 XRB Upper Rotor Head Assembly Hirobo 0301-005 XRB 2PAI Main Mast Hirobo 0301-006 XRB Lower Rotor Head Assembly
Hirobo 0301-007 XRB Main Mast Hirobo 0301-010 XRB Main Frame Hirobo 0301-011 XRB Main Gear Hirobo 0301-016 XRB 8T Pinion Gear Hirobo 0301-017 XRB Motor
Hirobo 0301-022 4PAI Rod End Hirobo 0301-027 XRB Lama Tail Truss (Silver) Hirobo 0301-029 XRB-Lama Dummy Engine Hirobo 0301-031 XRB Lama Cockpit Hirobo 0301-036 XRB-SR Coreless Motor
Hirobo 0301-038 XRB Stabilizer Assembly Light Type Hirobo 0301-040 2mm Main Mast XRB-SR Hirobo 0301-041 XRB SR Lower Rotor Head Assembly Hirobo 0301-042 XRB-SR 4PAI Main Mast Hirobo 0301-043 Main Gear for 4PAI
Hirobo 0301-045 Main Gear for 2PAI Hirobo 0302-005 SRB Main Blade Set Hirobo 0304-007 LEX main mast Hirobo 0304-012 SZM Feathering Spindle Hirobo 0304-019 SZM Stabilizer Bar
Hirobo 0304-024 LEX Main Pulley 56T Hirobo 0304-025 LEX Main Gear 94T Hirobo 0304-044 LEX Tail Shaft Hirobo 0304-050 LEX Tail blade holder Hirobo 0304-062 LEX Linkage Set for R/H
Hirobo 0402-020 Starter Pulley Hirobo 0402-127 SE Clutch Shoe Hirobo 0402-206 Tail Pitch Lever Set Hirobo 0402-306 S-30 Elevator Lever Set Hirobo 0402-345 LM Exterior Set
Hirobo 0402-522 SF Drive Pulley 8T Hirobo 0402-523 SF BRG HOLDER 13MM Hirobo 0402-602 SE Tail Pitch Plate Hirobo 0403-306 Tail Shaft 14T with Pulley Hirobo 0404-505 SX Damper Rubber
Hirobo 30-50 Blade Grips Hirobo 30-50 Rotor Head Hirobo Prop Balancer Hirobo Raptor 60-90 Engine Mount Quick UK Tail Pitch Lever Hirobo Shuttle
Hirobo 30-50 Rotor Head
Price: USD$39.90
Hirobo Prop Balancer
Price: USD$4.99
Quick UK Tail Pitch Lever Hirobo Shuttle
Price: USD$39.99
Sale Price: USD$19.99
Savings: USD$20.00