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5IVE-T 8B/8T Baja Rey Desert Buggy XL LST
Mini-LST Mini-T Rock Rey Mini 8ight
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5mm BH Screw Asst (24): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC (LOSB6110) 5mm FH & Cap Screw Asst. (24): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC (LOSB6480) 6mm Button Head & Flat Head Screw Assortment (20): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC (LOSB6490) Adjustable Front Hinge Pin Brace w/Inserts: 8B/8T , LOSA1754 Aluminum Clutch Shoe & Spring Set, 1/8 Car or Truck, LST/2, AFT, MGB, LOSB3323
APS91003 LOSI Mini-T Turnbuckle Set (6) Hardened Stainless Steel b2875 Body Mount Washers & Pads (56): 5IVE-T (LOSB2582) Brake Disk, Pad & Screw Set: 5IVE-T, MINI WRC (LOSB3231) Button Head Screw, Set (40): 1/5 DB XL (LOS255002)
USD Price: $21.90
Camber & Steering Pivot Ball Set (12): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC (LOSB5904) Camber&SteeringLinkSet:Rock Rey, LOS234014 Center Diff Mount, Drivetrain Mount & Gear Cover: 1/5 DB XL (LOS251022) Diff Rebuild Kit, AI Diff Housing (1): DBXL-E Differential Seal & Hardware Set (1): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC (LOSB3203)
DYN5658 Dynamite Dual Battery Holder DYN8002B Alum Shock Bodies Blue Mini-T DYN8005B Alum Front Bumper Blue Mini-T DYN8006B Alum Motor Guard Blue Mini-T DYN8007B Alum Front Pivot Block Blue Mini-T
DYN8008B Alum Rear Pivot Block Blue Mini-T DYN8012B Alum Front Hub Carriers Blue Mini-T DYN8017B Alum Front Shock Tower Blue Mini-T DYN8018B Alum Rear Shock Tower Blue Mini-T F/R Drive Shaft: LST2, XXL/2, LOSB3521
Front & Rear Sway Bar Kit: 1/5 4WD DBXL (LOS254013) Front Cage Support Set (2): 5IVE-T (LOSB2577) Front Hinge Pin Brace (1): 1/5 DB XL (LOS254007) Front Spindle Carrier Set (2): 5IVE-T, MINI WRC (LOSB2073) Front Suspension Arm Set (2): 5IVE-T (LOSB2071)
Front Universal (1): 1:5 4wd Desert Buggy XL (LOS252018) Front/Rear Bumper & Bumper Brace: 1/5 DB XL (LOS251011) Front/Rear Suspension Arms (pr): LST, AFT, MGB, LOSB2001 INTT7312BLUE Alloy Mount Plate/Chassis Brace for LST INTT7330BLUE Alloy Roll Handle for LST
INTT8312BLUE Rear Shock Tower (1) for Mini-LST Lexan Losi Micro-T Steering Linkage LOS212001 Dogbone Set (4) Mini 8T LOS214001 Turnbuckle Set Mini 8T LOS214002 Hinge Pin Set (4) Mini 8T
LOS241001 Gas Tank Assembly LST XXL/2 Gas LOS241001 Upper Deck and Support Set: Mini 8 AVC LOS241001 Upper Deck Support & Body Mount Set LOS252014 Losi Desert Buggy XL Clutch Bell LOS253005 Losi Desert Buggy XL Shock Shaft & Piston Set
LOSA1109 Front Shock Tower XXX-T, XXX-NT LOSA1110 XX Front Suspension Arm LOSA1115 XXT Front Suspension Arms LOSA1125 XXT Front Spindles & Carriers LOSA1201 Front Bulkhead XX4