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Skywing RC 82" falcon 2.1M Jet Red (included: Scale Landing Gear. Tailpipe)
Skywing RC 82" falcon 2.1M Jet Red (included: Scale Landing Gear. Tailpipe)

Price: CAD$4,599.98

Stock Status:1

Item Number: SWR815FALCNR


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Falcon! It is the first jet model developed by skywing! This model design reference prototype is a Viper jet! Falcon is the first jet model released by skywing. We did a lot of research before the design started! Innovation requires taking risks, and we have always been committed to innovation! We think today's jet models need something a little different to increase interest among enthusiasts! Therefore, we have added many innovative designs that allow enthusiasts to quickly assemble the model and fly it! Among the hardware used in the model, we also designed hardware exclusive to this jet model! Also comes with most of the high-quality hardware required to match this model! Greatly reduce the economic costs for enthusiasts! It also makes it easier for enthusiasts to assemble!

Hardware included in the product:

1. Protective bag for the complete set of products
2. skywing specially customized high-quality expansion cable
3. skywing patented product orange connection device
3. JP electric retractable landing gear
4. jet pipe
5. Vector (including vector putter)
6. tank(3500ml), smoke box(1000ml), UAT tank(200ml),fuel pipeline,
7. Fuel and ventilation points (2 pieces each)
8. Assembly bracket (for landing gear retraction)
9. Power connector ((3x yellow XT60E, 1x black XT60E)
10. High quality magic ties (2 pieces)
11. Includes all pushrod parts
12. Each brand of engine guide installation marking plate
13. Marking board for measuring each control surface


Wingspan/翼展;80 in./2032mm
Pre-flight weight/飞行前重量:23.15lbs/10.5kg(Battery included, no fuel!包含电池,不含油)

Packaging Size(包装尺寸)/ Weight(包装重量):
Fuselage/机身=151*36*40cm/10.2kg 22lb 60x16x14"

Wing/机翼=100*37*67cm/10.9kg 23lb 39x26x15"

Turbine size:

  • 120-140N for normal sport flying
  • 160-190N for 3D vector flight

Servos size:

:) flaps* 2 pcs (standard size high torque 30KG) arms*2pcs=1.25"-M3
:) ailerons* 2 pcs ( size: 35x15x30mm-15kg ) arms*2pcs=1.0"-M3
:) elevators* 2 pcs (size: 35x15x30mm-15kg ) arms*2pcs=1.0"-M3
:) steering* 2 pcs ( size: 35x15x30mm-15kg ) arms*1pcs=1.0"-M3
:) vector rudder* 1 pcs (size: 35x15x30mm-15kg ) arms*1pcs=1.5"-M3
:) vector elevators* 1pcs ( size: 35x15x30mm-15kg ) arms*1pcs=1.5"-M3

3 color schemes:(3种色彩方案)

We also provide special customized solutions that require additional customization fees

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